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ON AIR : BangWave 24hr LIVE !

We are spinning up the hottest new singles as well as the best classics. PLUS we add featured artists like Devo, Depeche Mode, Daft Punk and Lenny Kravitz. Next a hefty dose of insane radio editing and…

TADA! Thats how you get the widest variety listenable. We know that great music does not fit into a single genre.

So tell a friend & take us with you!

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12 am – 12 pm : Regular Rotation

12 pm – 3pm : Hot Singles Chart Countdown

Join our Music Director Tom as he counts down the hottest 40 singles in the category of NEW MUSIC.

3pm – 12am : Hot Singles Chart  (3 repeats)




12 am – 4 am : Mysterious Transmissions

An oddball collection of sounds, voice records, noises and music. This is CULT RADIO for beginners to intermediate level devotees.

You never know what is going to happen in this 4 hour block of air time. No two shows are the same. There are no archives either. You have to be there.

4 am – 12 am : Regular Rotation


Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday


all day : Regular Rotation

Selections from our Hot Singles Chart mixed with Classic Alternative, Pop, Rock, EDM and HipHop.

We also play Live Versions, Demos, Alternate Versions, Remixes and Parodies. Mix in some bizarre soundbites between tracks and there you have it!




all day: Throwback Thursday

It’s become a thing. So we’re doing the thing the BangWave way.

It’s a 24 hrs of nothing but the oldies. You wont hear any of the music from our Hot Singles chart. We’re treating you to the best classic alternative music of all time!




all day : All Request Saturday

Alex Velocity hangs out in the studio playing your requests.

Requests get replayed from week to week. Alex also adds in his own brand of madcap insanity to the mix.


NOTE: We use Central Daylight Savings Time.