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We play the hottest new Alternative, Pop, Dance and Rock while mixing in the best classic tracks. We air News & Feature Stories every Midnight & Noon (CDT) and feature our New Music Countdown every Sunday.

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Recent Original Podcasts

Late Summer Rain in the Twilight (8/10/2014) - It’s been raining lately in Minnesota, the home-base location of BANGWAVE Radio. There is something about rain in the late summer. It’s life giving but also calming and suspect. But we somehow let it lull us into a sense of well being. The late summer rain fills the air with ions that seem to stimulate […]
Space Lounge with DJ Venus DeMars (7/29/2014) - BANGWAVE is happy to announce a mix by Venus DeMars, AKA Vinyl-Venus bringing you her program dubbed SPACE LOUNGE. Venus is a songwriter and recording artist with long list of both solo and band albums. She is a Twin Cities Rock Icon and leader of All the Pretty Horses. She’s an international LGBT icon and a […]


Recent Syndicated Podcasts


RAVE WEEK – Kevin Saunderson Mix (9/1/2014) - RAVE WEEK was started by college students only a few years ago. From what we understand, they decided to make up for some rained-out student activities by creating a week where students “Respect And Value Everybody”. It originally had nothing to do with RAVE parties or electronic music. It just so happens that co-opting RAVE […]

Suicide can be Contageous (8/14/2014) - If you are thinking about taking your own life please know that there is hope. Call 1-800-273-TALK right now. There has been an uptick in the number of suicides, attempted suicides, thoughts of suicide and calls the hotlines this week in the wake of Robin Williams’ own on Monday. Alex Velocity here. As a person […]


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