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Recent Original Radio Programs


Alex Calls Colleen and Bradley (11/14/2014) - From time to time we here like to call in to shows on other radio stations. We usually call in to NPR shows. Colleen and Bradley have a weekday radio show on Twin Cities MyTalk 107.1 FM . As a ticket giveaway promotion, they often invite listeners to call in to play a game called Two […]

Worst & Most Annoying Music EVER (11/8/2014) - (EXPLICIT) We asked our listeners what the worst song ever was for them and why. And we got a lot of replies! Some of them came as quiet a surprise. And in this podcast we have a few surprises for our listeners, especially the ones who submitted suggestions. Our debonair host, Alex Velocity, gives the results of […]


Recent Syndicated Radio Programs

The Ultimate Snow Job

The Ultimate Snow Job

Mike Ely’s Myth of Thanksgiving (11/21/2014) - The USA is about to have a yearly genocide orgy and following consumerist pandemonium.  It’s time for a few moments of clarity. The truth of Thanksgiving is not at all taught in school or demonstrated in pop culture. Native American Historian, Mike Ely wrote a great essay on the subject back in 2008 and it has been produced […]

Bob Marley, Jamaican reggae legend, to become face of global weed brand Marley Natural (11/19/2014) - Bob Marley’s estate has also licensed the Marley name for a range of headphones and audio devices, as well as a line of coffee. Jamaican reggae legend Bob Marley is set to become the face of a global marijuana brand. The late musician’s family has joined with US private equity firm Privateer Holdings to launch […]


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