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No Thanks. No Giving. (11/27/2014) - Annette Joy returns with this mind expanding edition of The Smoke Signal, Native Voices on Air.  This episode concerns the false holiday that is known as Thanksgiving. But we don’t stop there. We share lots of great spoken word and music from a Native perspective. We’ll hear spoken word from John Truedell, a commentary from Mumia Abu […]

Alex Calls Colleen and Bradley (11/14/2014) - From time to time we here like to call in to shows on other radio stations. We usually call in to NPR shows. Colleen and Bradley have a weekday radio show on Twin Cities MyTalk 107.1 FM . As a ticket giveaway promotion, they often invite listeners to call in to play a game called Two […]

Recent Syndicated Radio Programs


Indigenous Futurisms Mixtape (11/26/2014) - Welcome to the sounds of the Indigenous future: a hyperpresent now, melding the worlds within and beyond what we can hear, see and imagine. In collaboration with Kimiwan Zine’s new issue, we are proud to bring you the Indigenous Futurisms mixtape. The creation story is a spaceship. That’s the space ndn motto. The creation story can also be a song; so […]

Mike Ely’s Myth of Thanksgiving (11/21/2014) - The USA is about to have a yearly genocide orgy and following consumerist pandemonium.  It’s time for a few moments of clarity. The truth of Thanksgiving is not at all taught in school or demonstrated in pop culture. Native American Historian, Mike Ely wrote a great essay on the subject back in 2008 and it has been produced […]


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