The Smoke Signal : KFAI pilot

KFAI is a local community radio station that strives to deliver material to the greatest level of diversity possible to serve the community.

Many of their programs get syndicated on public radio stations across the country. Annette Joy was invited to create a concept back in 2008.  She made two pilot shows for a concept program called “Smoke Signal: Native Voices on Air”.

Many on the board of directors at KFAI did not understand. It did not occur to them that all of the musicians included in the pilot program were of Native American decent. They thought Annette randomly put together the music selections. We feel the pilot was really good so we are re-publishing it here on BANGWAVE. Enjoy!

Annette Joy, KFAI Studio B



Alex Velocity welcomes guest co-host Stuart T. Its a Closed Session. We bet that 90% of you will never have heard any of these songs before in your life. Music you never heard before?? Seriously. That’s the whole idea!

The goal behind this show is to expose you to music that never really made it to the mainstream. We play gems that are still hiding out there in the vast musical landscape. Episodes are posted monthly.

Feel free to fast forward and rewind through it. The whole purpose is to unite fans with good music.

The photo on the left shows the two of them at a Halloween party in 2009. Stuart is dressed as an “Afro-Lenninist” and Alex is Dieter from Sprockets on SNL. cute eh?

If you know about a lot of great stuff that no one else seems to know about you are invited to appear on the next podcast as our guest host!

If you are interested in guest co-hosting the next episode, contact us through this website.

Artists Featured
Randolph’s Grin

Klaus Schulze
Think Tank
Womack & Womack
Stevie Salas
Enemy Squad
Esion (Don Kline)
Anne Clarke


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