World Day Against Cyber Censorship

Join Alex Velocity as he sorts through some difficult topics such as net neutrality, media control, the SOPA bill, internet censorship and censorship in pop media. Do you remember what the Ed Sullivan show did to the Rolling Stones? We’ll hear from Margaret Cho, George Carlin and Jello Biafra to name a few.

World Day Against Cyber-Censorship is intended to rally everyone in support of a single Internet without restrictions and accessible to all. Never have so many countries been affected by online censorship.

Netizens are being targeted by government reprisals. Around 120 of them are currently detained for expressing their views freely online. World Day Against Cyber-Censorship pays tribute to them and their fight for Internet freedom. (According to Reporters Without Borders)

International Women’s Day

Rose Love

Join guest host Rose Love as BANGWAVE celebrates International Women’s Day.

We’ll share plenty of music and some spoken word from influential female artists. We’ll hear from Rosa Parks, Tina Turner, Yoko Ono, Indigo Girls, Bessie Smith and more!

We’ll share a poem by Audre Lorde and discuss the book War is a Bad Idea with the author herself.

And we’ll hear all about how Esperanza Spalding emerged as Best New Artist of 2011, in her own words!

And while you are listening, consider donating to one of your favorite causes that promote the Women’s health and human rights. We really appreciate the efforts of two great organizations, Women Against Military Madness and Planned Parenthood.

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