Weekly ON AIR Schedule


BangWave Radio is located in Minnesota, USA. Our local time zone is Central Time. Standard Time in Winter. Daylight Savings Time in Summer. FYI Chicago is also on Central Time. 12 am = Midnight. 12 pm = Noon. Schedule is subject to change at any time.


qcMysterious Transmissions
start end
London 6 am 10 am
New York 1 am  5 am
Minnesota 12 am 4 am
Seattle 10 pm 3 am

Ghastly experiments, oddball collections of sound, voices, noises. Cult Radio. Sometimes the guys from Negativland pay us a visit. Time travel rather than reanimated corpses. WHAT?

redStandard Rotation
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London 10 am 6 am
New York 5 am  5 am
Minnesota 4 am 12 am
Seattle 2 am 3 am

A carefully curated mix of cutting-edge current hits and all-time classics spanning decades.

Alternative, Dance, Rock & Pop Variety. Add in some Punk, Goth, Industrial, House, Soul, New Wave, Ska & a dash of Hip-Hop. Live Versions, Demos, Alternates, and Parodies.


Standard Rotation

All Day Tuesday and Wednesday we play our Standard Rotation. See Above.


Culture+Club+Colour+By+Numbers+-+Stickered++35274Throwback Thursday
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London 6 am
New York 1 am
Minnesota 12 am
Seattle 10 pm

We’re giving the world 24 hrs of the best Classic Alternative music of all time and it’s ALL DAY!

70s, 80s, 90s and a little from the 00s and 60s. #TBT is our most popular program!


Standard Rotation

All Day Friday and Saturday we play our Standard Rotation. See Above.


ReplayThe Instant Replay
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London  6 pm 8 pm
New York 9 pm 11 pm
Minnesota 8 am 10 am
Seattle 6 am 8 am

Join us Sunday Mornings as we broadcast two hours of talk shows and podcasts. It’s always about the music and the people that make it. We aggregate content from all over the media landscape and occasionally offer one of our original creations.

Hot Singles Countdown
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London 6 pm 5 am 9 pm 3 am
New York 1 pm 4 am 7 pm 10 pm
Minnesota  12 pm 3 pm 6 pm 9 pm
Seattle 10 am 1 pm 4 pm 7 pm

Join our Music Director Tom Stark every Sunday at Noon as he counts down the hottest 42 singles of the week. The list is published the following Monday. How do we rate the songs? That’s TOP SECRET!