Prince is Number ONE. InSoc Number TWO. Go Minnesota!


The BangWave New Music Countdown has revelead that this week it’s two artists from The Twin Cities Minnesota Area.  Prince first hit it big in the late 70s. InSoc in the late 80s. And now they compose a curious one-two punch on our humble little station, this week.

It’s not just a coincidence though, and based on how each act is doing lately, it may happen again in 2015.

If you haven’t heard the countdown, down worry you can tune in now! It’s repeating until midnight. But if you want to see the list in print, you’ll have to wait until Monday.  Subscribe to get each weekly list sent to your email in-box.

Break out the Bong! It’s 420!

marijuana_leaf4204:20, or 4/20 is a code-term used primarily in North America that refers to the consumption of cannabis and, by extension, a way to identify oneself with cannabis subculture.

April 20 has evolved into a counterculture holiday in North America, where people gather to celebrate and consume cannabis. Some events have a political nature to them, advocating for the legalization of cannabis.

This program is a celebration of all things Cannabis and designed to be enjoyed in an altered state. Enjoy but we will be taking this post down in a few days. So you may want to download it now!


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April Foolish

Let’s get silly and have some fun for April Fools Day. We might play a prank or two but it’s not anything major.

In this program we will explore the origins of April Fools Day after we procrastinate by playing parodies, novelties, internet memes and whatever else that may stimulate laughter. Alex V hosts.

We all need to get stupid from time to time don’t we? If you take yourself too seriously this podcast may be the best antidote you’ll find on the web today.

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