It’s Auto Show Season on BangWave


It’s not duck season, nor rabbit season. It’s AUTOSHOW SEASON! So tune in to this great podcast about man’s best friend, the car. Tom Stark takes the seat and drives you on a musical journey all about America’s favorite machine — the Automobile. Tom takes us through a number of automotive themes sharing music selections that fit with each.

We’ll hear a few classic commercials and fun facts about cars and car culture.

This program is over two hours long so it’s perfect for that long commute!


Glory to The King : MLK Tribute

John Legend ft. Common Music Video – “Glory”

imagesHere we are again. MLK Day. A strange holiday signed into law by Ronald Reagan.

This music video is indeed inspirational, but it is a consumer product. It is part of the soundtrack to the movie Selma.

Did Dr King desire to become a consumer product? Do you think he would mind? Why or Why not?

Please watch this video and share your thoughts with us in the comments below.