No Thanks. No Giving.

Annette Joy returns with this mind expanding edition of The Smoke Signal, Native Voices on Air.  This episode concerns the false holiday that is known as Thanksgiving. But we don’t stop there.

We share lots of great spoken word and music from a Native perspective.

We’ll hear spoken word from John Truedell, a commentary from Mumia Abu Jamal and music from artists Thunder Hill, Blackfire, Quese IMC and more. So while everyone seems to be taken in by the hyper consumerism of the “holiday season”, join us for 34 minutes of Clarity.

Revolution Radio and Independence Day

Revolutions tend to happen in July. Just take a look at this list of observances of independence day, and other events that happened in July.


July 1 : Canada Day
July 3 : Independence Day, Belarus
July 4 : Independence Day, USA
July 5 : Independence Day, Venezuela
July 6 : Freedom of Religion Day, Bohemia
July 7 : Independence won for Slovenia 1991
July 9 : Independence Day, Argentina
July 10 : Independence Day, Bahamas
July 12 : Alex Velocity’s 40th Birthday
July 14 : Bastille Day, France
July 20 : Independence Day, Colombia
July 21 : Independence Day, Belgium
July 23 : Revolution Day, Egypt
July 26 : Independence Day, Maldives
July 28 : Independence Day, Peru

Maybe it has something to do with the heat. At any rate, we at BANGWAVE are not lost on history. In this program Tom Stark brings your BANGWAVE’s take on Independence Day in the USA.

And for the rest of July, tune into the Live386 Stream (Bangwave.NET). We’re spinning up songs and sharing stories that salute revolution and social justice. Indeed BANGWAVE is revolutionary in many respects. We certainly depend on the latest “revolutionary” technology to exist here in cyberspace and on your cell phones. We hope you keep tuning in and please


Ground Zero: Industrial Protest / the NSA

artworks-000056227908-iax56z-t500x500DJ Bwahaha from the Detroit Industrial DJ circuit, and online radio pioneer presents this podcast as a protest against government surveillance. It was the first published mix in nearly a decade from the once prolific DJ. -BW

The following are his own words:
This mix was created in response to the recent news of the NSA’s domestic spying, and the persecution of whistleblowers Edward Snowden and Bradley Manning.

It’s mostly Old School Industrial – nothing beats OSI for anti-totalitarian themed music (wow, it’s like they saw this coming…) with some synthpop, a bit of 80s, plus a couple other tracks that fit the theme.

The playlist is roughly organized around the five stages of grief, plus a section on the consequences for the whistleblowers.

0:00:00 Part 1: Denial (the state of the world)
0:27:04 Part 2: Persecution of the whistleblowers
0:44:08 Part 3: Anger (this one’s pretty much self-explanatory!)
1:09:16 Part 4: Bargaining (Not Here, Not Now, Not Me…)
1:32:53 Part 5: Depression
1:57:11 Part 6: Acceptance/Call to Action
2:33:07 Part 7: Postscript. More shameless editorializing on my part ;-)