Record Store Day

Sadly, we do not have a turntable at BaNGWAvE this year to create a new program for Record Store Day. Maybe you can DONaTE to our operating budget so we can get one?

So let’s listen to last year’s Record Store Day program instead. Last year, Alex and his bud went to Electric Fetus nearing Record Store Day.

Alex went straight to the used vinyl section and within 20 minutes picked out a big stack of disks. After listening in the headphones at the store, Alex made his final selections.

Every track on this program comes directly from a vinyl LP.  SO FUN!

We did not put any signal enhancements on the records so you could enjoy all the snaps and pops that create the special vibe you get from the media.

One thing Alex found was this curious 2 LP compilation set release in 1973. Dick Clark recently passed away so we snapped it up. One of the tracks is featured on the podcast! listen for it. And if you like, this item is for sale in our Amazon Store !  Help us raise funds and buy the LP! Check it out on So sit back, relax and let’s listen to some records!

Download MP3

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