House Passes CISPA – Now What!?

stop_cispa_180Many websites have shut down today to protest the Bill, as called upon by the cyber-activist group Anonymous. We did not shut down at BaNGWAvE but we support the effort. To do our part, we’ve collected a series of commentaries from various alternative news sources.

The House of Representatives passed a controversial cybersecurity bill on Thursday in the face of warnings that it undermined privacy and a threat from White House advisers warning they would recommend President Barack Obama veto the legislation. The Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act (Cispa) passed by a 288-127 vote. It will move to the Senate and then to the president’s desk.

The bill allows private businesses to share customers’ personal information with any government entity, including the National Security Agency.

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Further Exploration:
ACLU on CISPAEFF on CISPA, Guardian UK Article

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