Ground Zero: Industrial Protest / the NSA

artworks-000056227908-iax56z-t500x500DJ Bwahaha from the Detroit Industrial DJ circuit, and online radio pioneer presents this podcast as a protest against government surveillance. It was the first published mix in nearly a decade from the once prolific DJ. -BW

The following are his own words:
This mix was created in response to the recent news of the NSA’s domestic spying, and the persecution of whistleblowers Edward Snowden and Bradley Manning.

It’s mostly Old School Industrial – nothing beats OSI for anti-totalitarian themed music (wow, it’s like they saw this coming…) with some synthpop, a bit of 80s, plus a couple other tracks that fit the theme.

The playlist is roughly organized around the five stages of grief, plus a section on the consequences for the whistleblowers.

0:00:00 Part 1: Denial (the state of the world)
0:27:04 Part 2: Persecution of the whistleblowers
0:44:08 Part 3: Anger (this one’s pretty much self-explanatory!)
1:09:16 Part 4: Bargaining (Not Here, Not Now, Not Me…)
1:32:53 Part 5: Depression
1:57:11 Part 6: Acceptance/Call to Action
2:33:07 Part 7: Postscript. More shameless editorializing on my part ;-)

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  • NOTE: PODCASTS DISCONTINUED. This pages remain for archival purposes only. Please check out our live stream instead!