The Yellow Dogs FOREVER !


The New York Times has the whole story, but here is the headline: Iranian Musicians Shot Dead in Brooklyn: The Iranian indie band the Yellow Dogs fled Tehran so that they could live and play their music free of fear and repression. But in New York, two of the band’s members met sudden, violent deaths.

This is one kick ass band and one of the most tragic stories in rock and roll history. The sound was crude and crash and kicked ass like the clash. Bangwave took notice of them in the shockwave of their deaths like most of the world. And the result is eternal fame for the band and no doubt epic record sales. We’ve collected a selection of sounds from the various news reports and slammed it together with some of the band’s best jams. It’s time for a crash course in The Yellow Dogs.

Download MP3

Sounds & Info courtesy of CNNABC NewsNPR and eMusicNew York Times


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