The Future has been Reprogrammed

hopethatwas_work2Mix tapes are all the rage lately. We are thrilled to have stumbled upon this GEM. Say hello to DJ BLYANE.

But what is RetroWave? it’s 80s and 90s analog synth inspired mid tempo instrumental pop. We think you need some.

RetroWAVE is made today but it is made to sound like it was made decades ago. Is that a paradox? it’s new electronic music without cheep autotune hooks.

There is also an up-to-date sense of soundscape that comes with the resolution and capabilities of today digital technology. Thanks Mr DJ for this excellent mixtape.  More info about this mix on this blog.

1. Power Glove – Nightforce
2. ActRazer – We Own The Night
3. Mega Drive – Neo Tokyo 2019 [DJB Edit]
4. Thomas Barrandon – The Quiet Earth
5. Perturbator – There Is No Love Highway [DJB Edit]
6. Makeup and Vanity Set – A Glowing Light, A Promise (88:88 film score)
7. Steve Moore – Frigia [DJB Edit]
8. SquareWav – 4 AM Sunrise [DJB Edit]
9. Com Truise – Polyhurt
10. Maethelvin – Plan B
11. The Outrunners – Diamonds [DJB Edit]
12. Noir Deco – Fantisy Noir
If you like the artists included in this set, buy their music. Some tracks are already available for free (Soundcloud) or for purchase (via Bandcamp).


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