Venus: A Long Talk with the Taxman


Venus De Mars has some great news. But first, Let’s talk about what happened.

It’s a compelling story and it sets an important precedent for all unsigned and independent musicians trying to make a living performing, making appearances and recording.

For the past 18 months, musician, painter and performer Venus De Mars has been battling with the Minnesota Department of Revenue over her status as a professional artist.

The department ruled that De Mars is not a professional artist and cannot claim tax deductions for artistic work, and therefore owed several thousand dollars in back taxes.

Last July Minnesota Public Radio Airs a report about it. We run that segment here and then give you the latest update on the situation. Lastly it all ends in a song.

UPDATE (06/02/14): ‘V’ for victory and Venus: Taxman calls off audit, artists celebrate, on MINNPOST.

See Also: Don’t Worry, I’m a professional a blog by bassist Jay LeFreak, and MPR.


PHOTOS: Top: All The Pretty Horse, playing live 2013. Below: Protest Art by Venus.

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