RAVE WEEK – Kevin Saunderson Mix

RAVE WEEK was started by college students only a few years ago.

From what we understand, they decided to make up for some rained-out student activities by creating a week where students “Respect And Value Everybody”. It originally had nothing to do with RAVE parties or electronic music. It just so happens that co-opting RAVE music and Culture dove-tails nicely with the concept of respecting diversity. Rave Culture has grown up Globally, unlike so many other forms of music or fashion.

Starting this year it seems that the Rave Culture has no co-opted the week from the colleges. The music press has started covering it as well. FACT magazine passed on this Mixtape to the world today and they plan to release a new one each day this week.

“First off, we’ve got a mix from Kevin Saunderson – One third of the celebrated Belleville Three (in short, the guys that invented, and then popularised techno – Saunderson, Derrick May and Juan Atkins), Saunderson remains one of dance music’s favourite sons, regularly playing festivals and helping hone the skills of his producer son, Danitez Saunderson.” – FACT website.

KPD & Danitez Saunderson feat. La Rae Starr – Place Called Home
Various – Theme From The Blue Cucaracha (DC Private Edit)
Demarkus Lewis – Dress To KIll (Original)
Sergio Fernandez – Into The Deep (Original Mix)
Bicep – Circles (Original Mix)
Klement Bonelli – Gorge De Loup (The Funky Babe)
Alli Borem – Destinations
Kevin Saunderson Presents Inner City – The Love I have
Danitez Saunderson – Red Confession
Chez Damier – Untitled B (Greg Gow 2014 Update)
John Norman 313 (Original Mix)
Samuel L Session – Blazin’ Moody (Concrete Mix)
La Fleur – Arms Around (C2 Affected Remix)
Damarii Saunderson & L8M8 – 8-R-T

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