Lorde Kicked ASS and Then Got Robbed on the AMAs.

2014 Lollapalooza - Day 1

There was not much to like about the AMAs last night. Most of the performances were lip-synced and by artists that we’re not interested in. The glaring exception was LORDE. She was a little shaky when she sang on the Grammys in 2013, but last night she was spot on and then some.

She performed “Yellow Flicker Beat”, a track we’ve been spinning up lately. I love that she blatantly goes against aut0-tune culture by performing a purposefully human sounding pitch. She may have been singing along to her own voice in the backing track, but she really sang the lead vocal. Essentially it was karaoke but of the kick-ass variety. The performance was sublime, and the minimalist visual effects were a perfect compliment to the song.

Lorde is a bit of an enigma. Clearly she has a dark side with a post-gothic look, cleaver but brutally honest lyrics, and surreal vocals. Yet still she shows her youth as she is seen hanging out (again) with Taylor Swift and indulging in tweets about Pitbull. Santo Infierno!

2014 American Music Awards -  Backstage And Audience

She was nominated four times but came home empty handed. She lost to the Imagine Dragons for Favorite Alternative Artist. That was a shocker!

We wish we had more to report on the AMAs but the rest of the program pretty much sucked.

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