Polish Ass-Hat Insults the Queen of Sincerity. Stop me if you’ve….


According to reports, Morrissey walked off the stage 25 minutes into his concert in Warsaw, Poland on Wednesday, allegedly after being insulted by a fan in the front row. A spokesman for Live Nation, which promoted the show, said in a statement that “one of the spectators standing close to the scene said extremely offensive and chauvinistic words at the artist,” possibly in regards to Morrissey’s recent cancer diagnosis. (Alex Young)

Morrissey believes in non-violence. Some pop stars would have jumped in the audience and kicked the heckler’s ass. But Morrissey takes a more somber approach to his act. Either way, I will never understand why someone would pay money to go see a performer just to run up and insult them during the public performance. It’s easy enough to do that on Twitter for god’s sake.

Video of the incident has surfaced online. At one point, you can hear someone yell out, “Shut up and sing,” and Morrissey leaves the stage soon thereafter. Minutes later a representative for the venue comes out to announce that Morrissey has left the venue because he felt unsafe. He never returned. Watch the video below (the drama starts at the 8:40 mark). (ibid)

Can this guy catch a break? The next concert is in Krakow. Disappointed concert goers have been offered free admission to that show-date.

(Alex Velocity)

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