Doomtree on-air Interview

The roots of Doomtree took seed sometime around 2001, when P.O.S. and MK Larrata decided to launch a record label/production crew. While the roster has changed between now and then, the most well-known Doomtree lineup has been in place for several years.

It’s a seven-member musical arsenal of DJs, beat-builders, rappers, and producers: P.O.S., Cecil Otter, Lazerbeak, Mike Mictlan, Paper Tiger, Dessa, and Sims. Each member is a solo artist in his or her own right—and together, Doomtree are a well-oiled machine.

doomtree1[1]Their DIY way of doing things, releasing their music on their own timeline and on their own label, has afforded them a loyal following and an independence which is often both envied and imitated.

When not recording or touring as a band, each member branches out and flexes his or her solo muscles with independent tours and recordings. They released their eponymous effort in 2008 as their first official album together, featuring the fan favorite “Drumsticks.” In 2011, their sophomore effort No Kings gave us the club anthem “Bangarang” and their recently announced third full-length All Hands will be released on Jan. 27. ….

When I sat down to write this bio, I kept running into contradicting stories about when and how the band got together. In a recent interview, Mike Mictlan talked about meeting P.O.S. for the first time—but I didn’t know exactly where to begin in writing this. So, I “phoned a friend.” I contacted Dessa and asked if she thought the gang would be willing to sit down with me for an hour and talk about the beginning of the band. A few weeks ago, the band joined me in the Current’s studios for a very relaxed chat about their formation, the highs and lows of their career, their new record All Hands, and some of the people closest to them.

Throughout this chat you can hear the close-knittedness shine through. They finish each other’s sentences, they have about a bazillion inside jokes, and Cecil Otter is perfectly happy not talking 99% of the time! Originally, I just wanted them to answer the “how did you guys get started?” question—but it evolved into so much more and devolved into chaos, all at the same time. It’s an hour-long conversation with 6/7 of Doomtree that’s like an inside look at the band. If you’ve ever just wanted to be a fly on the wall while these guys chatted, here’s your opportunity!

We recorded this Nov. 12, the same day that the band received their final artwork for the new record All Hands, and I felt privileged to take a peek in advance. We agreed that I wouldn’t leak the name of the record, so we agreed that I could air this interview on the 14th. But then the band went and unveiled that info. So I guess I’m free to do the same! Keep in mind, while taping we assumed that this would be released after the blowout—you’re not in a time machine!

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[ full article by Barb Abney from The Current, audio transcribed. ]

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