OMG! A Daft Punk Lego Universe


Why hasn’t this happened yet? Even casual Daft-Punk fans would love these toys. When I was a kid I liked Lego toys. As an adult I LOVE them. It seems amazing to me that the company has not done more with Pop music. After I saw the White Stripes video, I wanted a White Stripes play set. As far as I know these were never made.

The potential for a Daft Punk Lego universe is even better! Imagine Solar Powered UFOs and super-sized speakers you can build with the blocks. The photo above is an artist concept. Wouldn’t you love to be able to place a Daft Punk guy inside a spaceship you spent all afternoon building with your kids?

Furthermore the potential for intermedia experience is endless.

A fellow by the nickname of Autorazr is curating a campaign to make this happen on As I write this there are only 13 days left. So lend you support right now!

Autorazr says, “Daft Punk, maybe the most well known (and best imo) electronic music group in the world, have had striking appearances in movies and music videos, directed films, collaborated with legends, and been sampled by many other modern greats. They are beyond being just iconic musicians, they are content creators on another level, and their look and visual style is instantly recognizable. Through costumes, elaborate stage lighting / structures, and even vehicles, Daft Punk have created a visual history that lends itself to Lego. All if not most, can be recreated with preexisting Lego parts.”

We couldn’t agree more!



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