Making you Bitches an Air-Check Tape.


Some of our listeners and readers have not yet heard our stream on Live 365. Our engineer and Station Manager, Alex Velocity, has to make air-check tapes from time to time for evaluation and quality assurance.

And here is an example. It was recorded today, 12/13/2014 at 13:00 Central Time.

These air-check tapes are super-raw with no editing and enhancements done to the signal. They are simply a recording of exactly what went out on air and then received by a ROKU box through the headphone out.

Because we have to compress the recording down in order to present it as a podcast, he signal is slightly degraded. In other words, it does sound better to listen live.

That vintage reel-to-real recorder shown above is just a pretty picture. Those damn things are super expensive, way more than out operating budget for an entire year! :P

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  • NOTE: PODCASTS DISCONTINUED. This pages remain for archival purposes only. Please check out our live stream instead!

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