JELLO BIAFRA talks with a UFO Cult

jello-biafraIn 1992 Richard Metzger produced a show which intended to expose the stranger cultural facets of America. Popular alternative icons of the time were asked to act as hosts of the show, interviewing different people in places that fit the model for the show.Unarius, a cult based out of El Cajon, California, which believes in the existence of UFO’s, who allegedly have direct contact with the “Space Brothers,” aliens, many of which live in an underground city in Mars, and who practice “Past Life Therapy,” among other unique practices and beliefs, were a perfect subject for the show.

Metzger recruited Jello Biafra (original frontman for the Dead Kennedys) to do an in depth interview of Unarius, questioning members and key leaders of the movement, including their founder,”Archangel Uriel” aka Ruth Norman.

Soon after filming this interview in 1992, all of the original footage was stolen and never recovered.

In 2014 Jello Biafra gave a copy of the rough footage to his friend Erleen Nada (musician and video artist), who had a long time fascination with Unarius. Driven by a need to share this incredible interview with the world, Erleen Nada edited the footage (with Richard Metzger’s approval), to make it comprehensive for public viewing, and available for viewing on the internet.

Here for the first time ever, 22 years after the filming of this show, is the fascinating interview between Jello Biafra and Unarius.

For more info on this interview visit Dangerous…

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