DEVO to release *HARDCORE* Film

Long time DEVO guitarist Bob “2” Casale, died of Heart Failure at age 61 in February.

Bob "2” Casale

The surviving members of Devo decided to honor Casale by regrouping and going on tour. They would play songs created before the band got a record deal.

In a press release the band wrote:

“As many of you know we are in the midst of our Hardcore Devo tour playing the seminal, experimental songs we created in basements and garages in Akron Ohio between 1974 and 1977. We have not played most of these songs that pre-dated any fame or record contracts since that time.”

hdevcThey played 10 shows in the summer of 2014. One of theses shows was pro-shot and recorded for a Film/Album release to be called HARDCORE DEVO LIVE. The result I expected to be an exciting concert film that captures these groundbreaking artists performing the songs that started it all, interwoven with interviews revealing the history of the band.

You can Pre-Order the DVD or Blu-Ray at their Pledge Music Page for the project. The band recently announced the first public viewing set for January 17. We’re guessing the DVD will come out shortly after.

Alex and Tom from BangWave Radio went to see DEVO at the Minnesota Zoo a few years  ago, shortly after the release of Something for Everybody. The show was amazing.

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