Spellbound : Siouxsie and the Banshees : 18 Remasters : Out in Jan : Too Loud?

Siouxsie-and-the-Banshees-SpellboundSiouxsie and the Banshees will release a new best-of set called Spellbound: The Collection next month.

The Banshees penned a new deal with their old label, Universal Music, as many legacy acts are doing these days. Also a trend, the band members made the final selections. Most of the tracks included were remastered in the past year by Kevin Metcalfe. The release date Jan. 12 (UK).

We are anticipating this release but it’s a lip-biter. Will these remasters be a regrettable result of the Loudness Wars? Or will it be a tasty all-analog remaster like they did recently with Green Day. We certainly have no issue with digital mastering but the loudness war is ridiculous. We like music to sound natural first, loud second and always in that order. Nobody enjoys aggressive compression. It like smelling gasoline and slamming your head with a brick.

So we wait…, hoping and praying that this release does not become another casualty of the loudness wars.


1. “Hong Kong Garden”
2. “Mirage”
3. “Placebo Effect”
4. “Happy House”
5. “Desert Kisses”
6. “Spellbound”
7. “Into The Light”
8. “Cascade”
9. “Tattoo”
10. “We Hunger”
11. “Cities In Dust”
12. “Lands End”
13. “Shooting Sun”
14. “Peek-A-Boo”
15. “Turn To Stone”
16. “Kiss Them For Me”
17. “Drifter”
18. “Not Forgotten”

(article by Alex Velocity)


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