The FAKE Music Industry : Keep it Real

listening_dogThis reports on the two major issues with popular music today. These are Lip-Syncing and Auto-Tune. We are including this here to remind people that you can pressure the record companies, producers and artists by being an educated consumer. We think people should know about music. We think the public should value authenticity.

Here at BangWave we struggle with these issues every day. Music that relies heavily on auto-tune rarely if ever gets played on our station. We give points to singers that do not use it at all. There is also a weird middle-ground. In this middle-ground we hear mild to moderate use of auto-tune. Sometimes even a trained ear has a hard time spotting it if it’s done well. Other times the effect is so obvious you change the station immediately so you won’t vomit.

But to put things into perspective, when drum machines were first introduced in the late 70s people complained that it was cheating and a cheep imitation. Sound familiar?

Furthermore, please do not take this as an endorsement of the RT Network. We are simply sharing a piece we appreciated.

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