HELL YES! Gorillaz back together!


Last time we heard anything about this was last April when Albarn mentioned to NME that he had enough material accumulated to release another Gorillaz album. Sure thing Damon!

While we don’t doubt that Albarn has the material, he did once promise another Blur album and such has not been released to date. Though they later denied a break up, People magazine reported that they were calling it quits back in 2011.

According to People, the 2010 tour was “dogged with angry rows” and shortly after the final performance, Albarn and his Gorillaz cohort, Jamie Hewlett, had a “massive argument” that “basically ended things.” as, “things haven’t been great for a while, between Albarn and Hewlett, with Hewlett said to be frustrated at ‘how much time Albarn was giving to his many other projects’ and Albarn was ‘less than impressed with Jamie’s party lifestyle.’”

Albarn was featured on a Direct TV’s Guitar Center Sessions last year and during the interview portion he indicated that The Gorillaz was phase that he was basically done with.

Jamie Hewett’s Instagram Art

Apparently Damon Albarn and Jamie Hewlett buried the hatchet (or at least denied prior disagreements). Earlier today Hewlett released some new artwork featuring the group’s fictional characters Murdoc and Noodle on his Instagram page. That got fans asking, and in a response Hewlett wrote, “Yes. Gorillaz returns”.

We welcome this with a HELL YES! We can’t wait to hear the new album when it comes out, or even sooner if they let us!

[ article by Alex Velocity ]

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