2015 Grammy Awards : Our Take

Grammy-AwardWow! What a night. We have a lot to say about this years 2015 Grammy Awards. As you know the awards show aired on CBS last night. We were anxious to watch!

Alex tweeted throughout the nearly 4 hour long Grammy Awards show. Tom posted his thoughts this morning. Both had plenty to say. Here is a recap.

Alex’s Live Tweets: (posted during the show)

[7:10] AC/DC sounded good but it was obviously PANTOMIMED! for shame. Get off the stage. Let  (Royal Blood) on instead.

[7:11] BRAVO SAM SMITH! xoxoxoxo we have a crush on you. so cute and such a gifted vocalist! Here’s to you Mr Handsome.


[7:24] Tom Jones still got it. always brings it. got to hand it to him.

[7:26] BRAVO P!! (Pharrell Williams) that song did make us all HAPPY and we needed that in 2014

[7:30] We LOVE Gwen but we are not expecting much given her new year’s eve performances of her new single. We never added it at BW

[7:33] Miranda Lambert. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Seriously the live acts are not cutting it this year.


[7:39] Most of the nominees for best vocals were AUTOTUNED. That should disqualify them sheesh! But Congrats again to Smith!

[7:48]  sounds even more like shit Please  this vocal effect is crap! u like studio tricks but ISH!

[7:50] YAY! finally a GOOD Performance! xoxo Real singing! <3

[7:55] Rooting for Ryan Addams !

[7:56] Beck has enough Grammy Awards JEEZ. but ok. congrats Mr Beck.

[8:05] R&B this year is YAWNSVILLE. and the Drunk in Love song is more erotica than R&B. bleh.

[8:07]  THIS IS GREAT! sounds 70s throwback in all the good ways.

[8:17] Good job Gwen ! xoxox

[8:26] Love you Knock em dead!

[8:30]  Annie KNOCKED EM DEAD! BRaVO !!


[8:33] Popular Country Music SUCKS BALLS. It all SOUNDS THE SAME! ick.

[8:37] Pharrell STOLE THE SHOW! That’s what I’m talking about! Not his best vocals but a hell of a stage show. and good song

[8:50] It really looks like Katy Perry is PANTOMIMING to a prerecorded backing track, tisk tisk.

[8:54] Imagine Dragons sound good, but is it really live? hard to tell this time.

[9:01] Tony and Gaga put on a great live act but he CD was just OK. We like her with white hair too! Bravo Tony & Gaga !

[9:05] OMG AND AMAZING! smooth.

[9:25]  GREAT SONG! Thank god you didn’t ruin with autotune. hope the album version is as good.


[9:35]  and  BROUGHT THE HOUSE DOWN! Great job together! LOVE!

[9:49] We love but don’t think he should have won the Record of the Year. Seriously?

[9:51]  Enough with the back to the audience and veil to the face. It’s getting gimmicky and looks like stage fright.

[9:55] YAY! Sammie wins again! Stay with ME Sammie boy. We wouldn’t kick YOU out of bed. xooxoxoxo

[10:05]  and  (Cold Play’s singer and Beck) what a perfect combo. But Beck can do anything. Not a bad performance.

[10:10] CLASS ACT Congrats on the win. Bravo. Nice one about the ex BF.

[10:37]    Common and John Legend – Hell of a finale. whew!


Tom’s After Thoughts: (posted this morning)


Don’t look so surprised Al, this is your 4th Grammy (Best Comedy Album: Mandatory Fun)

Y10426197_10152589310750583_1688546112741043730_net another Bangwave artist takes home a Grammy: Best Rock Performance: Jack White – Lazaretto

Pharrell added a few more trophies to his collection last night.

We at Bangwave love Grammy winner St Vincent – it’s a shame she didn’t get to perform last night.

Grammy winners in Dance/Electronic categories: Aphex Twin & Clean Bandit. And yes, Bangwave has been playing both of these artists for awhile now.

Kendrick Lamar’s “I” not only won two Grammys last night, but it’s on the verge of cracking the Top 10 on Bangwave’s New Music Countdown

Annie stole the show last night, proving yet again her status as a musical legend

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