Azealie Banks has an Extra Hole

And I’m standing in it.

More Homophobia in Hip-Hop. Will it ever end? Rapper Azealia Banks infamously called Perez Hilton a “f@ggot” and said that he should commit suicide. She then labeled GLAAD “f!!cking complete bullshit”. Impressive.

Lovely Miss Banks had yet another Twitter feud over the weekend. This one was with Vice blogger Mitchell Sunderland.

“…don’t be mad because I have an extra hole,” and

“You gay bloggers try waving that homophobia flag at me”

“even if i am a homophobe… so wat? …  i still make more $ than you.. still have an extra hole….”


No way are we putting Bank’s photo on this website, so we’re borrowing Margaret Cho.

I say that these comments are somewhere between ignorance and hate-speech. Class Act there Azzie.

Hip-Hop has a history of Homophobia and frankly we’re sick of it. We will give the rappers of the 80s a pass. Times were different then. But any rap song from 1990 forward with a homophobic comment is crass, ignorant, boring, and hypocritical.

It seems like these days the majority of Hip-Hop artists and fans have left this type of bigotry behind. Many if not most consider homophobia to be an embarrassing footnote in the story of Hip-Hop.

But some rappers today think they can get all “old school” on our asses and show how much hate they can get away with. Haters will hate and the public will judge.

I think I speak for a lot of Gays when I say this. That is, we respect Miss Banks as a sister. There are so many struggles in this world. We do not minimize the African American struggle. We respect the Women’s struggle. We would kindly ask her to respect the Gay and Lesbian struggle.

I had the opportunity to meet Mrs Rosa Parks in person back in 1995. I am sure she could tell I was gay. She gave me a hug. She told me to stick up for myself. Furthermore, Bayard Rustin. I also highly doubt she would approve of the way you talk about your lady parts.

Look. We’re all in this together. What does your hate really do for you anyway?

And let me tell you something else Miss Banks. BangWave Radio may not play that much Hip-Hop but the hip-hop artists we do feature are the real deal.

[ OP/ED by Alex Velocity ]

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