Punk is NOT DEAD. It Moved to Russia.


It seems like all the Punk Rock bands sound the same these days. And they don’t have much originality. Anyone remembers the first or second Wave of Punk Rock is at least 40. The older folks are calling the younger folks “Posers” and “Fakes”. Excuse the cliche but that’s really the pot calling the kettle black.

Us older folks may sometimes continue to dress the part, but it’s just a look. It’s not even possible for most of us to be true punks these days. We have jobs, kids and bills. We sleep in beds instead of a strange floor. We are not risking our futures on making political statements or going to Punk Rock shows. Sure we have the tattoos but those are so mainstream today you can’t look at getting a tat as part of  “Punk Attitude”.

I haven’t seen a punk rock band comprised of the 40 and over crowd with enough energy to be convincing as a Punk band. But what about today’s youth culture? Can they be punk?

In the USA, UK and Canada, today’s bands that call themselves “Punk” may have the energy but they are lost on the attitude part. Today’s youth are not driven to rebellion like Generation X was back in the day. How could they be? What political force is overtly oppressing youth culture today?

Recently on one of the Facebook groups devoted to Punk Rock someone posed this question. What is your favorite all female punk rock band? Most people mentioned a band from the 80s or 90s. A lot of people said L7. Hardly any of the responses mentioned a current all female punk band. For me the answer was Pussy Riot.

Below we have a playlist with a few videos from around YouTube. Consider it a crash course in Pussy Riot. Have a look.

Most of their music is not in English. They are not as “heavy” as some punk bands but they sound grittier than classic punk bands like the Clash. The music component is important. What they do have is the Energy that makes Punk good. They have the attitude and lifestyle that said punk. They are routinely putting their own futures on the line to sing lyrics critical of the Putin Regime. That takes balls… or in this case, ovaries! What punk rock band in the west is doing anything close to this right now?

We’ll surely post more info on them in the future.

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  1. wow. totally disagree with that article. I guess I see too many high energy pop punk and punk bands around here, who are every age from 70 down to 15. But, you have to get out and go to the shows, not just watch punk parade by on facebook and the internet, while you raise your young family. we did both. hubs had his band, we had our family, and he never stopped playing. he isn’t a punk musician, he’s a rock musician, but we attended shows of friends all the time, as well. this may be your experience, it sure isn’t mine.



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