VNV Nation : Recording an Orchestra


VNV Nation is reportedly back in the studio recording a project to be called “Resonance”. We are told that it will be, in large part, an orchestral album. Ronan Harris has been recording for more than a week in Potsdam, Germany at the Babelsberg film studios. The German Sonic Seducer magazine made the first reports.

The project is scheduled for release in Germany in May. That’s not very long now.
“Resonance” will not be a regular long playing album. It will be a compilation of rearranged VNV Nation songs reworded and mixed with orchestral elements described as “pompous classical garments.”

Ronan is collaborating with the 60-member film Orchestra from Babelsberg. The first completed songs are showing promise according to sources. We do not know the full track list yet but we are told to expect new versions of “Solitary”, “Standing”, “Nova” and “Sentinal” to be included.

“Resonance” will be released on CD, Vinyl and Digitial. The album is subtitled “Music For Orchestra vol. 1″. This seems to suggest an volume 2 on the horizon.

[ English version by Alex Velocity ]

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