It’s About Time to Obliterate an Hour

Eternal Clock – Shani

Daylight Saving Time begins at 2:00 AM today, March 8 in the United States. US Residents are asked to reset their clocks ahead one hour. Technically you are supposed to do this right at 2 AM.

This time change occurs in other countries on different days. Some nations do not observe Daylight Savings Time at all. The official change over dates have been altered many times. On top of that the change over happens one time zone at a time.

All of this can make it difficult to know what time it is where today. That is one reason it is done on a Sunday. Can you imagine if this happened during a regular business day?

The energy savings benefits of Daylight Savings Time has evaporated in a now 24 hr America. Perhaps it’s time has come?

We say just get rid of Time Zones all together. Everyone on the entire planet should just use Universal Time Code. That day may be just around the corner.

Until then, spend an uneven hour with us as we explore the concept of TIME in music and pop culture. This podcast will leave you with more questions than answers. We’ll hear some great tunes that discuss time or time travel. We’ll talk science. We’ll also review movies that deal with the topic.

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Screen Shot from The 1960 movie directed by George Pal

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