Leave the Lady Alone : Gwen’s Stalker

gs2Gwen Stefani has been living in terror for some time. It’s not ok. No woman should have to live in terror. No person should be forced to live in fear as they are stalked by a mentally unstable fan.

Gwen has been suffering incidents with this guy now almost weekly.

Stefani and family received two threatening letters from the suspect in February. They were handwritten.

He’s been following her to places like her acupuncture clinic. Gwen was seen snapping pictures of the suspect just last month. Those photos were used by her father to get a restraining order on the stalker which went into effect a week later. It remains in effect until a hearing on April 9 where it is expected to be continued. We will follow up on that.

He’s got her so stirred up that she has even had a few false alarms. Even false alarms are still terrorizing experiences.

This has been a big problem for celebrities for some time. Police departments just don’t have the resources to protect them so they must resort to bodyguards and paranoia-level security in their homes.

Ringo Starr was famously terrified of his fans. All of the Beatles were chased by fans, threatened by detractors, and even had their homes and hotel rooms invaded. Lennon was more open to interact with some of these fanatical types. Of course he was tragically murdered by one of them in 1980.

So Stefani and family should indeed take this very seriously.

I speak for everyone at BangWave when I say our heart to her. And yes, I am personally a big fan. and love most of what she does and she has a hell of a back catalog!

[ article by Alex Velocity ]

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