Strapped for Cash? or Cha-Ching?

Today is TAX DAY in the United States. We know everyone hates paying taxes. This mix is a all about money and taxes. Think of it as a tax-day catharsis

make-moneyEveryone else seems to be botching about money lately, so maybe it’s our turn. Just like everything else, operating BaNGWAvE online radio certainly costs money.

Spacial Audio charges every month to run our live stream. Plus we have to pay Godaddy for server space and domain names. We have operating expenses such as high speed internet, equipment, library costs, royalties and and so on.

All of our regular staff and guests work for free. We’d like to be able to make a living off this some day. You can help by becoming a VIP member at Live365 and then keep it locked on BangWave. Or if you really want to help click here to make a cash donation.

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