Dead Weather : Arrives in September

dodgeWe here at Bangwave are excited to hear about the pending release from The Dead Weather. The new album is expected in September and it’s called Dodge and Burn. It will be the band’s third studio album, the last was in 2010, called Sea of Cowards.

A press release notes that Jack White, singer Alison Mosshart, guitarist Dean Fertita, and bassist Jack Lawrence

“spent their rare and sporadic free moments over the past year recording together in Nashville. With the members of the band heavily involved in other projects, The Dead Weather will not be touring in support of the new album.”

Of course Jack White is super-talented and can do anything he wants, but there is something jarring about him on the drums. He sounds similar to Meg, but maybe even better.

The underrated Sea of Cowards went under the radar. We were a little surprised that the Gary Numan cover failed to chart. Jack is a featured artist on this station, all incarnations. We love everything he does and it has very little to do with the fact that he went to the same high school as our own Alex Velocity!

Here a sampler from SoundCloud below:

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