RAAF Captures Flying Saucer On Ranch in Rosewell Region


Today is the anniversary of the Roswell incident. Those were the headlines.


We have an episode of Fresh Air with Terry Gross.  The episode originally aired on NPR affiliates in 2011. In this program Terry interviews Anne Jacobson who just wrote a new book about Area 51.

Jacobson discusses new theories concerning the Roswell incident and a possible soviet connection. It might even blow your mind. We don’t buy it, but it’s really fun to talk about!

The theory sounds so plausible it will have you asking questions. You just have to listen! And take a look at this artist’s rendering of a US Airforce plane! That sure as hell looks like a “flying saucer”.

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Do you think the Apollo Moon Landings were a hoax staged by NASA and/or the US Government?

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