Drinking with Jefus


beerOur good friend Jefus (not Jesus) came over the BANGWAVE Studios to hang out with Alex Velocity. He brought over two six packs of some really good dark beer in bottles. So they drank it while doing this show.

And as one might expect, the music is great for drinking and the hosts get less and less coherent as the show progresses.

But why the hell not? It’s freakin’ Saturday night!  Right!

And it’s another installment of “It’s a Closed Session”. You might remember the first edition of the program from when BANGWAVE was just getting started. You too can make a podcast like this one! Just show up at BANGWAE Studios with some booze! But not on a school night. :/

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  • NOTE: PODCASTS DISCONTINUED. This pages remain for archival purposes only. Please check out our live stream instead!


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