Morrissey Hates on More People

Morrissey Performing at the Grammys

keep-calm-and-shut-up-bitch-253Here’s a SHOCKER. Morrissey doesn’t like other pop stars, especially the young ones. We are not surprised because he’s a bitter old Queen. And the only reason we are such huge fans is because the more you ignore Morrissey, the closer he gets. So it’s just a waste of time. You know?

Ok this time he’s hating on Ed Sheeran and Sam Smith. Both of those guys are very talented and handsome. Sour Grapes?

In an interview with Boulder Weekly, our happy-go-lucky hero made the following comments:

There are no bands or singers who become successful without overwhelming marketing. There are no surprise success stories. Everything is stringently controlled, obvious and predictable and has exactly the same content. So, we are now in the era of marketed pop stars, which means that the labels fully control the charts, and consequently the public has lost interest. It’s very rare that a record label does something for the good of music. Thus we are force-fed such as Ed Sheeran and Sam Smith, which at least means that things can’t possibly get any worse. It is sad, though. There’s no spontaneity now, and it all seems to be unsalvageable.

He has a point but he’s picking on the wrong guys. Pish Posh Morrissey!

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