Melody Mendis : Love & Madness


Announcing the most anticipated album of the summer!

Melody Mendis in a solo(ish) effort remakes our favorite New Wave hits into Pop-Jazz fusion and it works. It is sure to be a cross over hit and we can not wait to play tracks from the album for you! The cover art on the right is hiding a player from Bandcamp. Give it a listen!

As we write this Bandcamp is the only place fans can purchase the album. We like BandCamp here at BangWave Radio, so by all means get this album!

If you like Amy Winehouse, Duffy, Adelle, Paul Anka, Chaka Khan, or Sade,  you will love this. If you like cover songs, give it a go. If you appreciate natural vocal sound with no autotune, recorded just right check this. Also the instrumentation is near divine. And man we love those arrangements too!

Melody is very capable of switching genres, styles, tempos, keys and moods within a single song. This is a hallmark of good arrangement and flexible musicianship. And she gets extra credit for that! Each piece sets a mood and works independently, like paintings in a museum, but collectively takes the listener on a journey into love and madness. BRAVA !!!  BRAVA !!

Here is the direct link:

Tracklist (favorites in bold)

  1. It’s a Sin 03:28
  2. The Lovecats 04:26
  3. Roxanne 05:04
  4. Tainted Love 04:08
  5. Girls Just Wanna Have Fun 03:23
  6. Chains of Love 04:29
  7. I Put a Spell on You 06:59
  8. Thank You 04:31
  9. Iron Man 03:03
  10. Mad World 06:15

melAlbum Moods
Wistful Imaginative Cool Sexy Confident Strutting Jazzy Smooth Cleaver Nostalgic Swinging Soft Natural Vocal Funky Soulful BadAss Daring Smart Educated Shuffling Graceful Raw Moody Happy Longing Introspective Mature Mental Maverick Naughty Shifty Wicked Caberet Showtuney Songbook Acoustic



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