The Hottest Event This Weekend


Workers, Rockers and Nerds UNITE and prepare to be captivated by Booji Boy. Who’s the Booji Boy? He is a mascot character created by the band DEVO. It’s the guy to the right in the photo above. He represents our precious sheltered upper middle class white youth.

The great news is that we can all become him!  …. and gather together in triumph!

TOMORROW! Jump in the car and head to Ohio!

A flash-mob style invasion of people in Booji-Boy masks is planned in Akron Ohio for tomorrow. There is no confirmation any member of DEVO will make an appearance, but they have been known to surprise their fans from time to time. And yes, EVERYONE is invited. You can just SHOW UP but please wear a Booji-Boy mask (or something reasonably similar).

The facebook event details as such:

Booji Boy Invasion of Chili Dog Mac event

Bring your Booji Boy mask to join the parade!

Boojis assemble 10:00-10:30 AM at

O’Neil’s Parking Garage
52 W State St
Akron, OH 44308

…and at 10:30 we proceed to 182 South Main St, former location of Chili Dog Mac and current location of the Akron Civic Theatre. The big event starts at noon, so we will have time to caper for the cameras.

And in an amusing last-minute comment, a co-organizer of the event posted this message:

Dearest Spuds
IMPORTANT MUST READ Thursday 08/13/15 12:45pm
This will be my final transmission…I regret to inform you the city of Akron
is no longer safe. The Booji apocalypse has begun. I am in fear for my life. They are on to my operation…every Man, Woman and Mutant must be on high alert when entering the city’s limits.

As I strolled home from the pub last night I spotted them on every street corner, heard their high pitched voices echoing from every alleyway, their silhouettes under every street light…they seem to be everywhere…multiplying at a rate law enforcement can no longer control.

We are on our own. The message has been suppressed long enough. I can’t get into it here as I feel they may have hacked my computer and are monitoring all of my calls.

The truth must be told! Meet me Saturday 08/15/15 10:00AM at O’Neil’s Parking Garage located at 52 W State St Downtown Akron, OH 44308. We should be safe there. Bring your Booji Boy masks…I will have 10 available to borrow for those who I have previously coordinated with. I will also have blue jumpsuits for you to wear so we can blend in and infiltrate their ranks.
You are my only hope.


Here is a photo take at the event! (posted by SikRiok)


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