Does Madonna Get to Act Like This?

The video above is a parody piece that pretty much sums up the total absurdity of Madonna’s new song and video, “Bitch I’m Madonna”. In the video she is shown to be stumbling around like a freshman sorority girl on pills on a Friday night.

Madonna’s daughter is currently attending college at the University of Michigan. One could conclude that she is more mature than her own 57 year old mother. We can not take it seriously. Madonna has to be joking.

And we don’t believe it either. If Madonna really was the kind of party girl plays, it would be on TMZ. Besides, Madonna is supposed to be into The Vedas and the Kabbalah, right? With all that spiritual discovery, there is no way she could be experiencing an identity crisis concerning her advanced age. In some way it may even be a rip down of party-girl culture.

On the complete opposite end of the spectrum, her video for the song “Ghosttown” is excellent and more in line with what we would expect from her at this point. We are disappointed that she is relying somewhat on auto-tune. She knows she can do better than that. Check that one out below.

[ article by Alex Velocity ]

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