Eric B. is President. Kanye, Not So Much.


I am so glad I didn’t bother watching the VMAs. I have no interest in most of the artists they showcase. Apparently Kanye was given the mic and went apeshit.

At this point we can only assume the whole thing was staged to manufacture drama and/or controversy. That’s kind of pathetic.

And as a “punchline” the dickhead announces that he is running for President in 2020. That’s the easy way to get free publicity these days. Just ask Donald Trump.

The truth is that the president gimmick has been done to death. Eric B is already the president of Hip-Hop. As far as we know there has not been a call to elect a new one.

And think for a minute what it would be like if Mr. West actually did get elected president. Never-mind that Kim Kardashian would be the First Lady. He would just use the office to grab more and more power until he ruled the world because he is a Megalomaniac.

We’ve heard Kanye make a lot of critical observations about American Culture in his lyrics. But have we heard any IDEAS on how to address these problems? Let me know because I can’t think of anything.

Imagine Kanye going up the grab the microphone away from the General Secretary if the United Nations/ Not too funny when it’s REAL. Imagine Kanye and First Lady Kim Kardashian at the Olympics throwing grenades at the other teams.

Sorry Kanye, you can’t have eveything you want. I know this must come as a shock.

[ op/ed by Alex Velocity ]

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