Rocky Horror Fantasy Cast for 2015

The Rocky Horror Picture Show celebrates it’s 40th Anniversary this month. If it were up to us the movie would be remade immediately. (Hey Warner Bros. This would be perfect for you.) We’ve already done the casting and scouted out a filming location!

We picked out each cast member based on both acting and music ability. Also we considered the way they look, age appropriateness, and probability of a good performance. Just for fun, we are going by order of appearance.

Do you agree or disagree with our picks? Please SAY SO in the comments section at the bottom of this page.


The Lips (Trixie) – Rihana


Rihana has beautiful lips and we are fairly certain she is totally natural in her beauty. (You never know these days).

She has a great singing voice and will bring gravitas to the role. She will also look cute and sexy in a Cigarette Girl uniform.

Shirley Mason from the band Garbage would also be a great choice but she is getting older.


The Criminologist – Kelsey Grammer


Seriously. This guy would be perfect. Not only does he have the ability to play pompous and over educated, he’s got the voice for narration. Kelsey also has a fine singing voice.

He has the look and would be perfect for this role. We can absolutely imagine him directing the audience on the finer points of the Time Warp dance.

Also, this man has no fucking neck.


Brad Majors – Jim Parsons


Jim does a fabulous job playing a socially awkward nerd. Brad Majors is best played with a geek angle. Also Jim has the stiff body language that serves the character.

The role requires the actor to fill out a pair of white undies nicely. Parsons seems well equipped in that department as well. We imagine he will have no issues filming the man-on-man scene with Frank N Furter.

Also Jim apparently can carry a tune well enough to do his own singing. Based on his performance on SNL, we think he can shake it.


Janet Weiss – Taylor Swift


It’s true that BangWave listeners are not big fans of her music. Just hear us out. Keep reading!

From the image on the right you can see that she does woman-nerd very well. She also has a Twiggy sort of sex appeal. Other than the time she sang on the Grammys with Stevie Nicks, She can hold a tune. She was very funny on SNL as well.

We think Susan Sarandon would approve.


Riff Raff – Rob Zombie

What a Hootenanny that would be! His voice is in the right range. Imagine him singing Riff Raff’s parts in “The Time Warp”.

He is of course very good at appearing creepy. He’s already got the long blond hair. Zombie is a big fan of Halloween and Costume Play.

Zombie should also play the role of music director for this production.


Magenta – Bette Midler

bm2We’ve taken the liberty of photoshoping (badly) Magenta style makeup. Magenta should really have curley hair, but we’re sure Bette would have no problem dressing up for the role. She’s got the facial expressions to make this character really pop.

She is no stranger to campy stage shows either. And the lady can sing!


Columbia – Miley Cyrus

macShe is a great choice for this role because she is young, bohemian and likes to let her parts hang out. Remember, Columbia actually shows nipple in the original movie.

Miley would love to wear the outfits too. The only problem is that Columbia has a higher singing voice than Miley. Her voice could then be pitched up in post-production adding a comic element.


Dr Frank N. Furter – Adam Lambert

adam2Adam Lambert is prefect for the role of Frank. He has a sexy swagger and balls to back it up. He famously kissed a man on live TV.

He has the vocal chops for sure. Adam also has a bit of dark side which is required for this role.

We also considered Marilyn Manson. He would be a great choice as well. His facial expressions are the best.


Rocky Horror – Nick Jonas


This guy is sexy. Women and Gay Men are currently going ga-ga for the guy. These days we no longer feel like a pedophile for checking out his hot bod.

The most important aspect of this character is the body. The role would be well suited for a 20 something heartthrob with above average musculature. If Calvin Klein can put him in an ad, we can put him in golden underpants.

Obviously the guy can sing and that helps. Who knows if he can act at all. This role does not call for a lot of actual acting. It’s mostly a Stand and Model role. The thought of this guy made up for the Floor Show scene is very exciting!


Eddie  – Jack Black


This one should be obvious. The look is there. A gruffy guy in leather that has half of a brain but still plays saxaphone. Epic. He’s got the vocal chops too. Just think of it. “Hot Patootee, Bless My Soul” is the one song with Eddie singing and it seems like a perfect match for Black.

His capacity for madcap is way up there. In the movie there is a chase scene with Eddie on motorcycle. Jack can really make a chase scene work!


Dr. Everett V. Scott – Till Lindemann


Yup. It’s the singer from Rammstein, that weird industrial/metal band from Germany. We love them but lets stay on topic.

We thought it would be good for the move if Dr Scott were played by an actual German. Nevermind that Scott is not a German surname. In the movie the character has a German accent. At the time a German accent implied scientist.

Lindemann seems to be a good sport with a sense of humor. You don’t hear that about a lot of celebrities from Deutschland.


Transylvanians – Caitlyn Jenner, Ru Paul, Beth Ditto, Korean Rapper PSY, Margaret Cho

These are a few folks that we thought would be good as Transylvanians.


timDirector – Tim Burton

Of course it’s Tim Burton! unless he was dead there is no one else on the planet that is better suited for this. He has all the right talents for this production.

He’s good with props. He’s great with lighting and campy gags. We think he would also be good for introducing strange erotic elements to the story.


Filming Location – Meadowbrook Hall


Meadowbrook Hall is located about 50 miles north of Detroit Michigan. Detroit is the new Hollywood you know! This American estate is perfect for the movie because it contains all kinds of back drops inside and out. The styles of architecture vary across from one section of the building to the next. Also the building has those creepy chimneys all over the place.

[ article by Alex Velocity ]

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  1. NOOO!!!!!! If they remade RHPS with this cast I would be so upset. Everything within my being would be generally upset. There’s a reason that your writing for some online magazine that 5 people read and not casting movies. I so strongly disagree with your personal tastes. Its just your opinion but your opinion is wrong. Rocky Horror isn’t mainstream in the way that the hunger games is mainstream. You can’t just cast whoever’s popular at the time. Whilst rocky horror is recognised within the mainstream its loved by the underground. Cater to that audience. By talking about something underground through the lens of the modern mainstream you alienate all potential audiences.


    • Yes it would be interesting to cast the movie with edgy and underground actors/singers. This was just a fantasy. We would love to see your own list!


  2. I would love to see this version. I cannot understand true Rocky Horror fans not embracing every possible incarnation. Tributes are wonderful things, and there is no reason to fear that it will somehow dilute the original movie. Let’s not forget, the movie is a remake of the play after all.


  3. Love the choices! Has anyone been contacted about it, let alone agreed to DO it??


  4. Adam Lambert is wrong wrong WRONG for the part of Frank N. Furter. You want natural swishing, someone who can sing, someone who’s not afraid to camp it up, and someone who can dance in highheals. If this film *must* be remade, I suggest John Barrowman as Frank… he’s certainly got the legs for it!



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