The Library had LAIBACH

laibach1111I made a trip to the East Lake branch of the Hennepin county Library to pick up a few books and DVDs I had on reserve.

While I was there I decided to look through the racks. Each Branch holds a few DVDs but you can borrow from any of the branches. You never know what each branch will have on hand.

Well I found a freakin gem – Laibach ! The DVD came out in 2004 in the USA. I had no idea that there was finally a video collection of Laibach available state-side. I have the DVD playing as I write this and I am in heaven. YAY Laibach!!

This DVD has all of the best original Laibach and some of the best cover-versions as well. I always knew that “Gububert Einer Nation” was a a Germanized remake of Queen’s “One Vision”. I had no idea that Laibach also covered “Sympathy for the Devil” by the Rolling Stones, or “Across the Universe” by the Beatles.

The Hennepin County Library is just too awesome. Tax dollars at work! How SOCIALIST to have a public resource managed by the government using tax money collected from all social classes, including the rich. We must be a bunch of Commies over here in Minneapolis!

[ review by Alex Velocity ]

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  1. I love good libraries!



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