Rage Against The Machine : Did They Predict Trump’s Run 16 YEARS AGO?

Word has been going around the web that Rage Against The Machine and video director Michael Moore predicted the presidential campaign for Donald Trump. Take a look at the video to “Sleep Now in the Fire”. Notice around 1:00 minute into the timeline there are people walking around with campaign signs that read “Donald J Trump for President”.

It seems uncanny doesn’t it? The band was so drenched in politics that it seems logical that they could have used keen insight to make a provocative prediction that came try 16 years later! The problem is that they didn’t really predict anything. Donald Trump published a book in 1999 titled The America We Deserve. In that Book Trump openly talks about running for President.

But why did they include a reference to it in the music video?

One theory is that the Moore and the band thought that the idea of Trump running for President was actually shocking at the time. Another theory is that the folks in the video were Trump cronies that was hired to promote his book at the time.

At any rate the video is great fun to watch. It parodies the game show “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire” and shows he guys jamming outside of the NYSE. The song was off their album The Battle of Los Angeles.


[ article by Alex Velocity ]

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