They Weren’t Punk Enough. Not Even Close.

OMG this is HILARIOUS! When I stumbled upon this video I could not believe my eyes. Kudos to the person who found this in their VHS collection and digitized it for us to see in 2015. It most likely appeared on low-budget ad spots on cable-only and independent stations.

The problem is that the creators of the CD compilation do not know what the hell they are talking about. It’s ludicrous. None of the songs included are punk at all. The only ones that come close are Devo and The Knack. Devo gets some Punk cred but they are generally thought of as New Wave.

TROLLING! They are really trying to sell an image of being a Punk. If you order the CD you might get some Punk cred with your stupid friends. The sham would not become apparent to the ignorant pre-teens until their big sister saw the CD. What is really troubling is that pre-teens had access to credit cards in the mid 1990s.

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