Listen to Radio : The Best Free Apps

devicesAs an IP Station we have to support all kinds of different platforms. So we tested several options for listeners.

We looked at iTunes Radio, tunein, Simple Radio, Slacker, Pandora and iHeartRadio.

iTunes Radio seemed a bit cumbersome and the apple stations were very cookie cutter. Slacker was not a true radio app and neither was Pandora. Both are more like radio substitutes. They should be called Jukeboxes not Radio Apps.

iHeartRadio is inferior because the majority of the stations available are from a handful of media conglomerates like Clear Channel. That’s counter-revolutionary and boring. YAWN.

CONCLUSION: The tunein App is the best Radio Tuner app we’ve ever tried. Both work great on both iPhone and Android.

The closest runner up as of today is the Simple Radio app from Streema.

On the down side, both tunein and Simple Radio have issues with our metadata stream. We’ve been told that the problem is being worked on. So for now, if you tune to BangWave and a number of other stations do not display song titles in the app. We think that is a bit of a bummer. But this temporary drawback can be overlooked for now.

tunein has the best stations available.

I found several of my favorites and I am even going to list the links here for you. Seriously this is high quality stuff right here. You can’t get this kind of creative programming from Pandora Get the app and you can start listening to them with me!  “Follow” and “Subscribe” to these from within the app.

BangWave Radio
Of course we are on the app! DUH!

Saint Cloud State University Student Radio. It kicks ass! I loved being able to pick it up on my FM dial. Now I can listen anywhere!

The Impact
This is the college radio station that taught me most of what I know about radio! I learned in the old studios in the Auditorium building that has since been torn down. The station is still very cool. Go MSU!

I grew up just within transmitter range of this kick ass station from the University of Windsor, Ontario Canada. They have some of the best and most creative programming ever! This is the same university that got caught manufacturing party drugs in the chem labs… or so the legend goes. We always had a great time partying with the CJAM peeps.

A local independent pubic radio station and member of the Minnesota AMPERS radio consortium. They do amazing things. check them out. I’ve had the pleasure of working there a number of times, including interviewing Paul Robb from Information Society, live on the air! FUN!

Minnesota Public Radio News
Our favorite over-the-air station and network for news, analysis and feature stories.

It’s a Detroit-centric variety station that focus on Rock and Hip Hop and local events. Lots of live shows. it’s real.

BBC World Service News
I mean come on! This is the best right? Before the internet most Americans would have needed a shortwave radio to pick up the BBC news service. These days it’s a little over produced but very palatable.

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