Human Puppets Lip-Sync at Macy’s Parade


They are FAKING IT. Fans of live music should not bother watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade.

For decades nearly all of the “singing” you hear is prerecorded. The “vocalist” simply plays the roll of yet another puppet in the parade. He or She lip syncs. This has been going on for ages. It’s sad.

Even the bands are just pretending. In the industry it’s called “Pantomime”. Brittney Spears fans were disappointed when they read the fine print on pricey tickets to her Las Vegas show. The tickets said something like “Performances may be pantomimed”. They are hoping that you will not notice the vague language and fine print. Shame.

What really sucks is that great bands that can really play and great singers that can really sing do not get a chance to dazzle us with their talents. We get to hear studio recordings as “performers” pretend to play instruments. If you are a serious musician and really devoted to your instrument, it must really burn to play “air-guitar” with a real guitar that is not even plugged in. Gah!

In 2013 we were treated to Joan Jett and the Blackhearts. It is so incredibly disappointing if you are a fan and the lip-sync pantomime is so obvious you can not suspend disbelief long enough to make it to the end of the song.

Mannheim Steamroller was in the parade four years in a row. And yes, they never played a single note live. It almost hurts to report this to their fans. We are so very sorry!

Why do they do it? This question was posed on a a popular fan forum. A guy with the user name RoadMixer answered:

The use of ‘lip sync’ technology for the parade is a necessary evil in order to overcome some logistical issues such as the distribution of the audio as the parade moves, monitoring and … it would not sound very good live.


cbsI have seen bands perform live on floats during parades. It sounded pretty good. It is totally possible to get a good sound just from area microphones. With an 8 microphone set-up going along both sides of the street a sound engineer can capture both the sound desired and the background noise to mix out. It’s been done before. This is just the simplest solution. There all kinds of high-tech solutions now. Blue-tooth for example.

Furthermore I am sure the teenage girls would love to see LORDE sing for them. She recently tweeted that she refused to lip sync on Saturday Night Live. Let’s get her to sing LIVE for REAL at the Parade. Merry Christmas.

NBC SHOULD NOT BE GETTING AWAY WITH THIS. Tweet @NBC now and on Thanksgiving Day. Tell them to make the Parade #LIVE4REAL. The fans deserve better!!

– op/ed by Alex Velocity.

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