Audio Nerd Wish List & Buying Guide

Check out our gift guide for the music enthusiast. We’ve compiled a great list of gift ideas for the mature music fan.  You can find all of these items on amazon.  We created a wish list.

1) Audio-Technica LP120 USB Direct-Drive Turntable

A real music fan will want high quality access to their vinyl record collection. There are cheaper options than this model out there but they are sub-par. They produce highly distorted, compressed and poorly equalized sound. Most of them are basically garbage. Audio-Technica has a few cheaper options geared to the computer geek but they are also sub-par.

When shopping for a turntable there are several key things to look for. This model does have all of those things at a fair price.

  • RIAA EQ’ed A/D converter
  • Analogue Pre-Amp
  • HQ Needle and Cartridge
  • Long-Angle Tone Arm
  • Direct Drive
  • 20-20,000 Hz Frequency Responce
  • Adjustable Pitch
  • Strobe-Light Pitch Tuner
  • Stabilization Feet

Maybe it is because I am obsessive-compulsive but I would never buy a turntable that does not have the strobe-light. If the model has a strobe light, then and only then do I look at the other features. See this video I found on YouTube.


2) Spin-Clean Record Washer System (starter kit)

51tIhDTsASL._SX425_Cleaning the vynil record properly can make all the difference in the world. The surface of the record is actually very fragile. It should never be exposed to body fluids. Groves do collect dust particles. It can be quite an ordeal to remove all the dust with just a record brush.

This machine takes the stress out of handling an vinyl record. With this system you can be confident that the record returns to its most optimal condition. The Record Washer is motorized. It’s a hands-off operation that does the job perfectly.



3) Thick Plastic Inner Sleeves

61JSM1fGzGL._SX450_Every record collector needs these. They are like the “jewel case” of vinyl. Records should be kept in electrostatic plastic selves, not paper nor cardboard. Albums may ship packed in paper but to leave them exposed to paper and cardboard is to invite particulates into the groves. You don’t want anything ever touching the groves except the needle, cleaner brush and plastic sleeves.

We found a reasonable deal on amazon. Square Deal Recordings & Supplies offers 100 for $25 . You might get a better price elsewhere. The point it, GET THESE.


4) Karl Bartos – Communication : CD

cThis CD was never released in the USA. Karl Bartos is a former member of kraftwerk. This is his 2003 solo work, and it sounds like a lost kraftwerk album. The only was to get this CD is to find a used copy. It was released only in the UK and in Japan only in limited numbers. writes

“To Help Him Create, He Watches a Bit of “Sesame Street”…without The Sound and Scrolls Thru the Writings of Critic Neil Postman and Bret Easton Ellis. Bartos Spent Two Years with Electronic (Bernard Sumner and Johnny Marr) to Help Him Escape the Musical World He Inadvertantly Helped Create. He is Keenly Aware of his History and Has a Unique Ability to Update his Style with Modern Beats and Loops and Melodies Come from Someone who is Schooled on the Finer Points of Harmonics….and Ultimately Presents Great Songs.”

Thanks for checking out this list. Good luck and best wishes this holiday season! – Alex Velocity


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