Muse : Drones : Album of the Year

MI0003860091(OP/ED) Never ones to avoid controversy, BangWave Radio has named Drones Album of the Year. It has not been a popular choice on other media outlets. The choice is controversial because there are a number of drawbacks that keep this album from making a home run.

In a typical year an album like this would never make it to the number one spot. The problem is that none of the albums we’ve considered were full-on super-albums this year.

A more popular choice is Beauty Behind the Madness by The Weeknd. This album is typical of all the albums we reviewed. It has a few great hits and lots of filler material. In fact we charted two songs from this album in 2015.

It comes down to a numbers game. We charted four songs from the Drones album. That is far two more than it’s most nearest contenders. So despite the album’s drawbacks it wins Album of the Year, almost by Default.

As far as he drawbacks go, We do need to concur with many of the critics out there that say the production on the album is overdone, far too loud and deficient in dynamic range. In other words, yet another casualty of the loudness war. We disagree that the albums is too political. We think we need more politics in music, not less.

In doing research for blog, we came across some very strong opinions about the album; both positive and negative. Here is a sample of what music fans are saying at the Amazon. store.


Treasures to be Discovered : 5 STARS ☼☼☼☼☼

Just as it takes a while to make new shoes feel comfortable, the complex music of MUSE does not offer up all its delights all at once. I’ve listened to this CD from start to finish about 8 times now over these 2 days. If I had rated it yesterday I would have given it 4-stars; I liked it, but it took more listens today for the whole body of music to ‘click’ into place and now I just don’t want to put the headphones down. This is their best CD since Black Holes & Revelations or Absolution (whichever was your last favorite!).

The album loosely tells the evolution of the MUSE hero who finds him/herself Dead Inside, manipulated by powerful cultural and political forces that are barely perceived but ever-present and demanding a vague conformity and reaction to manipulative stimuli. The Globalist destroys countries, cultures, and free will. Drones strike remotely; there is no contact with accuser or destroyer. Our MUSE hero awakens to the chains and manipulation, sees The Handler, and becomes a Defector, calling others to awaken and also Revolt. The Aftermath is a return of life; human dignity ascends again, at least for the hero, who has regained his/her soul and freedom. The Globalist seems to still exist and press onward but he is looked on with pity; all he can do is destroy in his unloved emptiness. Drones, the ending canticle, is both ironic “killed by drones” but it also affirms that humanity still transcends in the end.

MUSE songs give so much to the listener! For those who have given this 4 or less stars I would like to suggest you marathon the CD a few times through; it will suddenly give up its treasures and you will find yourself transported by this beautiful music.

[ review by user : lifevet ]


Nothing Like The Power They Once Wielded : 2 STARS ☼☼

I have been a fan of Muse for years and have all of their albums. I had hopes that “Drones” would be better than their last outing, but I was noticeably disappointed. It has a few good, rocking songs (often mixed with piano melodies and mood changes), but for the most part, I found the songwriting lackluster — generic sound, too much falsetto, too much electronica without the backing power of the guitar, and a little gimmicky with this particular attempt as a concept album.

The first song was a sure sign of trouble with its ’80s feel and lack of originality, but I stuck with the entire album to search for a couple of acceptable songs. I found a handful hidden in there, but it had no brilliant gems like their earlier albums . Anyone who claims this album returns to their earlier styles of “Origin of Symmetry”, “Absolution”, or “Black Holes and Revelations” is very mistaken, in my opinion. “Drones” has nothing of the power, epic feel, and musical power of these predecessors. Instead, it continues the weak trend set by “2nd Law.” I’m losing faith in them as a group, and I’m going to have to stick to the earlier works and likely skip any upcoming live shows.

[ review by user: b-troweling ]


Track List (favorites in bold)

  1. Dead Inside
  2. [ Drill Sergeant ]
  3. Psycho
  4. Mercy
  5. Reapers
  6. The Handler
  7. [ JFK ]
  8. Defector
  9. Revolt
  10. Aftermath
  11. The Globalist
  12. Drones

Album Moods
Ambitious, Dramatic, Paranoid, Theatrical, Bittersweet, Brooding, Aggressive, Angst-Ridden, Earnest, Visceral, Volatile, Cathartic, Angry, Rousing, Urgent, Energetic, Passionate

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