Pete Hook to Tour North America


Peter has announced that he and his new backing band will tour North America starting in late Fall. Peter plans to play the songs from two very important compilations. The first titled Substance by Joy Division. The second also called Substance but by New Order. That is correct, he will be sharing the legacy of both bands.

The disagreement between Hook and the rest of New Order continues. A BBC reporter asked Bernard Sumner about a possible reunion and Sumner said he doubted such a thing would ever happen and then called Hook a “Very Angry Man”.

I guess that is as hot as band drama gets in the UK. It is certainly not the kind of falling out we’ve seen in the USA. Think Guns N Roses. Now that’s some juicy drama.

Peter is expected to hold his own on this tour. It’s good for the fans to have both old and new versions of New Order alive at the same time.


[ article by Alex Velocity ]

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