St Lucia : on Jimmy Fallon : SUCKED


We’ve been playing their big hit “Dancing on Glass” for the last couple of weeks, but after hearing them attempt to do a “live” track-show on the Tonight Show I have lost what little enthusiasm I had for them in the first place.

Mostly the singer sucked. And that’s a big deal. And why was he holding that guitar and strumming with less skill than Madonna? Nice pose there big guy. The photo above shows him about to murder the line “Chemicals”.

NBC does cleaver things to mask the fact that they are doing karaoke style track-shows and passing them off as Live on TV. I’m pretty sure that this band already had this type of deception down before they ended up on “Live” TV.

The keyboard player(s) did not really play anything live. If you saw fingers on keyboards they were pantomimed. lame. This seems acceptable for a small band playing clubs or whatever but not so much for national television. When they do crap like this I feel cheated as a fan. Most of the drums were in the backing track. The drummer was barley playing along and he was not actually in the mix. At one point however, SOME of the drums and percussion were fed into the mix to give the impression of a live show. I would guess that the band had to fight NBC to let them do that.

The vocalist was simply not able to match the performance we hear on the studio recording. I would be embarrassed if I sang so poorly on my first big (semi)live TV event. I do give them credit for trying and for not using auto-tune or lip-syncing but it still SUCKED.

As I write this I have not found a clip of this train-wreak on YouTube but here is the link to the video on

[ review by Alex Velocity ]


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