Happy International EBM Day !

wax_053_front_242Ever since Front 242 started up in 1981 the number 242 has held a special position in the numerology of Electronic Body Music. Using the date format often used in Europe (dd/mm = 24/2) it’s fairly obvious why the International EBM day is celebrated on February 24.

Though people over the world probably have celebrated this day before along with their friends, it has never been an official celebration day before. But from now on, every year on February the 24th; it’s International EBM day!

Its only purpose is that  EBM fans over the world now have a special day when they can get together and listen, dance and party to, EBM. [  internationalebmday.org ]


The graph above shows one theoretical analysis of EBM in terms of roots and offspring. The left column shows a list music styles and cultural trends that influenced the rise of EBM. The right column shows of musical styles and cultural trends that are derived from or educated by EBM.  [ graph by Alex Velocity ]


For more about Electronic Body Music, check out the Wiki.

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